Rite of Passage Ceremony

When is the right time for a Rite of Passage Ceremony?

  • When you are completing a significant season of your life and embracing a new chapter, a new adventure
  • When you want to celebrate a graduation or completion of a life lesson
  • Anytime you wish to empower yourself to begin a new chapter and let the past be buried
  • If you have done a significant amount of healing around a certain issue and it feels like there needs to be a celebration of completion, the honoring of death and rebirth

My Rite of Passage

My first ceremony of this type was on my 40th birthday in Hawaii. My friend Mishi lovingly created this celebration for me as I stepped into the wise woman position in the cycle of Maiden/Mother/Crone.

I can honestly say this was one of the sweetest and most powerful days of my life. I never dreamed so many of my family members would fly to the islands to celebrate with me. I was honored to complete this ceremony with my father, brother, aunt, two cousins and many dear friends present to witness my death and rebirth transformation.

Mishi and her husband Tor began the ceremony by having each participant choose a flower to give me and each person lined up and one by one, presented me with a flower that represented what they love about me. I cried through this entire part because each person's love was so powerful as they gave me their flower. The blessings they prayed upon me and spoke to me with echo through my life for the rest of my incarnation. By the end of this ritual, I had a gorgeous bouquet infused with love from each person present.

Every Shaman Experiences Mini-Deaths

The second aspect of my ceremony was to lie down, as if I was dying, on a beautiful ceremonial blanket in the sand. Each person in attendance was gathered around me, covering me in flowers. Mishi told me to envision my old self dying as I was covered (or buried) in flowers. During this process, my new older wise woman self was resurrected and reborn.

As each person prayed over me and covered my body in flowers, the vibration of the group became higher and higher. Their voices came together as one and lifted to the heavens. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and at many points, two simultaneous tones in my ears were so loud. I couldn't hear everything they were all saying but I could feel the love in the most palpable way as the tones in my ears altered my brain wave state.

I was then instructed to rise up when I felt complete, go to the ocean and immerse myself. I would stay in the water until I felt ready to begin this new chapter of my life. I cannot tell you how this ritual infused me with the strength for a new beginning that I would most certainly need, since my Dad was going to cross over unexpectedly just four months after this ceremony.

This experience impacted me so much on personal, spiritual and professional levels. I was inspired to come back home and offer this service as a part of my ministry when someone is ready to step into their full power and leave the past behind.

Rite of Passage Celebrations for Birthdays & Special Occasions

When my friend Carrie turned 40, I wanted to share the power of the rite of passage ceremony with her and few friends. If you ever facilitate this ceremony, keep in mind you can utilize your own surroundings and be flexible in true shaman style.

We used the beautiful Yadkin River for the baptism/rebirth part of the ceremony. The most beautiful part of any ceremony you ever facilitate is the genuine authenticity that comes from the heart, being IN the moment and listening to the incoming guidance from all kingdoms of nature.

To celebrate the completion of the first round of Next Level Healers, we gathered together in a salt therapy cave for a Rite of Passage Ceremony. This one was such a beautiful new adventure for me because I did not have to do as much clearing work, the salt was coursing in our veins and filling up our respiratory tracts throughout the ceremony.

I covered each student in Himalayan salt and provided a prayer stick for them to step over, whenever they felt like they had released their old life in the salt. The powerful shifts that took place in this ceremony blew me away. If you ever doubt the power of heart centered ceremony, just watch what happens in people's lives afterward. The profound changes that take place when someone gives themselves fully to ceremony are amazing to witness!

I wish I could come together at least once with every student for in-person ceremony, but always remember when it comes to shamanic power, you can be just as close to someone on the other side of the world IF you know how to tune in to their energy! This world is what we make it. Make yours beautiful and bring the path of beauty and transformation to those you serve.

Are You Ready to Officiate Shamanic Your Own Ceremonies?

My online ordination program will be ready for you by Spring Equinox 2022! Stay tuned for more information and enjoy an alumni discount upon completion of this course. The world needs you serving, leading and shining your light in a big way!

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