Creating Sacred Space: Altar Set-Up and The 4 Directions

Welcome to the Sacred Journey

Thank you for entrusting me as a humble guide on your journey you. All the answers lie inside the universe of YOU-shamanic practice and self inquiry is one path to access those answers.

In Module One, we cover:

*The difference between tribal shamanism and modern shamanic practices

*What shamanism means to you

*Assigning intention to power objects and how to set up sacred space

*How to clear your space

*Why we use the Medicine Wheel

*Why we work with the Four Directions

Shamanism is not the end all, be all "RIGHT WAY" to do anything, We are not living in the days of the tribal shaman. In our technological world, we must find the answers for ourselves about how to make life work.

Principles of Modern Shamanism:






"There is a longing in our culture for transformation. From an indigenous point of view, transformation takes place reciprocally and invokes the whole culture. Until we actually achieve this, the nation itself will suffer from soul loss, just like a person who has experienced some trauma."-Dr. Leslie Gray

I highly recommend reading this full article by Dr. Grey as an introduction to the work we are going to do. Her perspectives on shamanic healing offer a deeper sense of why this work is important.

"You have prepared for this your whole life and now you have the opportunity. Within your body exist the treasures of Heaven, which have been dormant. Now is the time to extract this wisdom to use in the awakening of humanity for a most magnificent transition. The Universe is inviting you to be consciously aware of our Oneness through a dimensional shift...a shift that will create new thoughts, new feeling and new actions.
You are the catalyst to make this happen. When your heart is open to the possibilities, you can be the vanguard of a new generation, helping others ascend to heights where myths are born. You are a Shaman...NOW is the time to remember." -Dale Stacy, Shamanic Mystery School

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