You Are Made of Stars: Cultivating Relationships with Your Star Family

Stars are alive, aware and responsive just like the crystal, plant and animal kingdoms. We receive transmissions from stars whether we know it or not. Our relationships with stars and planets can be cultivated, just like all of our relations on planet earth. When you think of the Lakota saying, "Mitakuye oyasin" you can include the stars when you honor "All my relations".

There are new energy transmissions coming to the planet now from specific stars. It's time to make friends with these celestial light beings.

"Sirius-Sirius is known as the "Dog Star," and as the star of liberation, love, freedom, and initiation. Siius strongly influences events on the earth plane. It is the magnetic energy that comes from Sirius that changes the earth's magnetism and creates pole shifts. You can work with the Sirius energy to stay clear and balanced, to have an open heart, to free yourself from negative energies, and to be magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose.

The 7 stars of the Pleiades, sometimes called the "7 sisters," are found in the neck of the Bull, in the constellation of Taurus. These are related to the 7 stars in the Big Dipper. The energies coming from Pleiades are part of the intelligence aspect of the universe, and influence the form side of manifestation. You can work with these energies so that everything you manifest will be the highest possible embodiment of the seed of divinity within it.

Pole Star The two stars on the outside portion of the cup of the Big Dipper point to the Pole star, known as the star of Direction. It is currently Polaris, found in the Little Bear. It brings humanity back to its originating source. You can focus on this star energy so you can always know the true goal, that of Self-Realization, and find it in the most efficient, effective possible way.

Spiritual Sun This is the "light of all lights." It is the light of unity, coherence, and synthesis. When you "see" in the light of the Spiritual Sun, you can see the oneness of all life, and know your connection to it. When the Spiritual Sun arises in the center of your being, within your heart, then pain, struggle, and suffering is dissolved. You can contact the Spiritual Sun to illuminate the "veil of unknowingness" that separates you from your Divine Self, for in the light of the Sun the veil disappears. You can then see in this light the one absolute Reality that pervades and illumines all life."-Sanaya Roman,

Welcome to Module 2-The Zoom Out!

This week, we will cover:

*How planetary cycles affect you and why it's important to be in tune with seasonal changes and moon phases

*Understanding the dance of the planets and how to work with your personal planetary cycles

*How knowledge of energetic blueprints gives you more compassion and enhances your relationships

*Getting to know your unique design = accessing your super powers

*Star meditations

*How staying in tune with nature makes you a beacon of support for those around you

*Working with star elixirs to raise your vibration and enhance meditation practices

We have recently experienced a phenomenal energetic shift which brought a higher energy to our planet. For those in service to humanity, the new energy that is transmitting to our planet is going to be very helpful for our service work. The Lion's Gate Portal that was activated on 8-8-2020 is directly linked to a star called Sirius. We are going to connect deeply with the healing energy of Sirius in this module, along with many other stars. Here's a very interesting article about a tribe that have always known that Sirius is their "home density". Enjoy!

Why connect with celestial bodies?

"It’s about seeing and experiencing our story as part of the tapestry of a much bigger story.
It’s about dancing with the spiraling currents of time, rather than trying to direct the flow.
It’s about coming IN to our bodies and IN to the moment.
It’s about vastly expanding our experience of NOW."-Stargazer Li 

Have you tried star essences? Experiment with star elixirs to raise your vibration and support your meditation practice. Star essences are so powerful! Stan Delund has taken on the work of Fred Rubenfield who lovingly created these star elixirs for many years with the upmost care. I have yet to find another high quality source with so much love and intention infused into every single product. You will feel these essences immediately! These remedies meet with your evolution at the right time. Learn more at the link below.

I was introduced to star journeys and the whole concept of meditating on specific stars through my incredible teacher, Sanaya Roman. I have benefited from Sanaya's books and guided meditations for years. In 2007, I completed her Awakening Your Light Body teacher training course and have been helping students activate their light bodies ever since. Check out her story of how she connects to stars and listen to her free guided meditation at the link below.

Understanding Your Energy Blueprint_ Stay in Tune with Planetary Cycles.pdf
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