Are You a Plant Shaman?

Welcome to Module 3!

This week, we will cover:

*Understanding our relationship to the plant kingdom

*How to communicate with plant spirits

*Plant Spirit Journey Meditation techniques

*What are Devas and Nature Spirits?

*Incorporating plants into shamanic ceremony

*How to clear and energize water

*The importance of safety and responsibility when working with plants

*Introduction to making flower essences

Are you a plant shaman?

We began this journey by connecting with our family of stars and planets. Do you see a direct connection between star energy and the plant kingdom, planets and plants?

Lean in closely to see and feel the planetary vibration in the flowers and plants around you-it's there, just waiting to help you heal and shine brightly.

If you've ever considered professional training in Herbalism, I highly recommend the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, when you're ready to delve deeper into the astrological connections to plants and how the constellations affect your health.

Even if you want to stay earthbound in your herbal studies, this school offers excellent free online courses to take your explorations further.

Check out this podcast on Medical Astrology and Herbalism:

Even if you've never worked with plants or had a "green thumb", plant consciousness is so powerful that plant spirits can connect with you spiritually, anywhere. Co-creating our world with the plant kingdom can change everything. If you have always desired more harmony, support, health, beauty and balance, working with plant spirits will delight your soul.

"We were always meant to work in partnership-we of nature and man. The physical existence of man and Earth has always depended on all kingdoms of nature. In short, the very fact that man and nature co-exist on the planet has partnership inherent in it. Humans do not, on the whole, understand the dynamic relationship between spirit and nature. Nature does. If humans continue their reluctance to join in this partnership, we will all continue to experience difficult challenges to our survival."-Machaelle Small Wright

Shamans understand the important connection between plants and mankind.

Of all the books I could suggest for you to read on this topic, this free excerpt from the downloadable book Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered by, Machelle Small Wright, says it all. What a gift to be able to share how to co-create with nature. I hope you are inspired to keep walking the plant path in harmony with creation.

What Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine?

Not sure what your plant allies might be?

Check out Kenneth Meadow's book Earth Medicine Wheel to find out which plant is your birth totem:

Here's a fun little quiz on one of my favorite plant medicine podcast sites. These podcasts are so dense with information about the magical path of herbalism and plant spirit medicine. I hope you enjoy every single Medicine Stories podcast!

Take Amber Magnolia Hill's quiz here:

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