Personal Healing with Gems: Connect with Your Birth Totems

Connecting and healing with gemstones is a very unique and personal experience. Make sure to feel your way through this module and experiment with what stones you are drawn to and repelled by, which is a similar practice for how to work with the essential oils of plants.

It's important to work with stones that may not be as comfortable for you because the ones you dislike may help balance and harmonize your energy. I suggest you work a little bit on both thee crystals that feel good and the ones that you are not so comfortable working with, too.

A simple starting place for your personal gemstone healing practice:

Opaque Stones=Lower Half of Body

Translucent Stones=Upper Half of Body

Stones do not have to be on your physical body to affect your organs and energy field. As long as the stone is within 3 feet of you (under the treatment table or bed), you will be able to use the stone in a therapeutic way.

Easy ways to do personal healing work with stones: Carrying stones in your pocket or bra or holding a stone while you meditate.

Not sure what plants, animals and stones to work with yet? No problem!

There's no better place to start than your birth totems, the allies that represent the direction on the Medicine Wheel at the time of your birth.

Kenneth Meadow's Book Earth Medicine is the perfect resource to help you tap into your own Medicine Wheel allies. Look for the time period that correlates with your birthday below.

The Awakening Time: March 21-April 19

Direction: North-east Element: Fire

Animal Totem: Eagle/Hawk/Falcon

Plant Totem: Dandelion Mineral Totem: Opal

The Growing Time: April 20-May 20

Direction: East Element: Earth w/Fire

Animal Totem: Beaver

Plant Totem: Wild Clover Mineral Totem: Jasper

The Flowering Time: May 21-June 20

Direction: Southeast Element: Air w/Fire

Animal Totem: Deer

Plant Totem: Mullein Mineral Totem: Agate

The Long Days Time: June 21-July 21

Direction: South-south-east Element: Water

Animal Totem: Woodpecker

Plant totem: Wild Rose

Mineral Totem: Rose Quartz

The Ripening Time: July 22-August 21

Direction: South Element: Fire w/water

Animal Totem: Salmon

Plant Totem: Raspberry

Mineral Totem: Carnelian

The Harvesting Time: August 22-Sept 21

Direction: South-south-west

Element: Earth w/water

Animal Totem: Brown Bear

Plant Totem: Violet Mineral Totem: Topaz

The Falling Leaves Time: Sept 22-Oct 22

Direction: South-west Element: Air w/earth

Animal Totem: Crow

Plant Totem: Ivy Mineral Totem: Azurite

The Frost Time: October 23-November 22

Direction: West Element: Water w/earth

Animal Totem: Snake

Plant Totem: Thistle Mineral Totem: Amethyst

The Long Nights Time: November 23-Dec 21

Direction: North-west Element: Fire w/earth

Animal Totem: Owl Plant Totem: Mistletoe

Mineral Totem: Obsidian

The Renewal Time: December 22-Jan 19

Direction: North-north-west

Element: Earth w/air Animal Totem: Goose

Plant Totem: Bramble Mineral Totem: Peridot

The Cleansing Time: January 20-February 18

Direction: North Element: Air

Animal Totem: Otter

Plant Totem: Fern Mineral Totem: Turquoise

Blustery Winds Time: February 19-March 20

Direction: North-east Element: Water and Air

Animal Totem: Wolf

Plant Totem: Plantain Mineral Totem: Jade

Everything in nature is alive, aware and responsive. Cultivate genuine relationships with stones, plants and animal spirits one at a time. Take things slow to keep communication clear and true. Stay in childlike wonder of the abundant choices and support nature has to offer.

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