Teacher Plants & The Responsibility of a Shaman

Shamanism-Emissaries of the Plant Mind

"Traditionally, the individual who was most interested in and who accelerated furthest into the depths of awareness and self-transformation was the tribal shaman. 

Historically and mythologically, the true shaman comes into being through a near-death experience or highly symbolic death experience. Upon returning from the edge, the shaman has seen into the depths of the abyss, lost the fear of death (and life), gained a connection with invisible spiritual realms, and has attained superhuman powers. Afterwards, s/he has access to unusual knowledge, wisdom, abilities, and healing skills. 

The shaman has gained the understanding that the universe is made up of language, not atoms. Author and techno-shaman Terrence McKenna said: “I don’t believe that the world is made of quarks or electromagnetic waves, stars, or planets. I believe the world is made of language.” Language is information or code. Thus, the universes consists of code. The shaman realizes this and then goes to work to hack the universe.

A key aspect to having the universe involves an internal transformation created by retelling a new, better story of one’s personal history. capabilities, levels of awareness, attitude, cellular identity, soul purpose, physical appearance, ability to relate to others, sexuality and destiny. 

The shaman directs energy inward towards spiritual, emotional, and physical perfection and encourages others to do the same. This orientation inward seems to go a long way towards solving outer crises before they manifest as pessimism, doubt, anger, greed, control, conflict and war. 

The shaman usually becomes particularly interested in healing plants and herbalism. This leads to explorations into herbal medicines and tribal diet transformation. 

Because the shaman is often concerned with the deepest sources and urges of life force-this may result in a specific exploration into the power plants that interface psychically with human consciousness when ingested. These plants contain hacking codes (entheogenic compounds or entheogens) that allow the shaman to go into the wormholes of reality. Power plants include: Ayahuascha, San Pedro, Peyote, Psilocybin and other mushrooms, Iboga, Raw Cannabis, and Salvia divinorium (consumed raw) and others.

To the shaman, alterations of consciousness and perspectives are a way of life. An inner alignment of consciousness opens a portal leading to beauty as a way of life-a consistent, enhanced feeling. 

The entheogens are powerful tools. They demand a price of admission. You have to pay to play. You also have to pray to play. In the hands of the right people, with the correct nutrition, a formal ceremony, proper intent, and a shaman to lead the experience, power plants can be extraordinarily healing and useful. 

In the short term, entheogens can be a catalyst to the development of the imagination. In the long term, entheogens create links between plant consciousness and the human world. 

The primary role of the shaman in a shamanic plant ceremony is to protect and safely lead others through spiritual/psychic journeys. Training and instruction by a wise shaman are reocmmend when exploring the power plants. One should look for the following characteristics in a shaman:




Loving dedication

Sensitivity to the senses


An open heart

Extreme groundedness"

-David Wolfe, Amazing Grace

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What is a Dieta?

In simple terms, a dieta is a contract made between a curandero, or student of curanderismo, and a particular plant spirit. The terms of the contract are decided and agreed upon prior to the dieta taking place, and often times the motivation to do a dieta comes at the request or suggestion of the plant spirit, but can also be decided by the person. For instance, in an ayahuasca ceremony or perhaps a dream, a plant spirit may present itself to someone and suggest that he/she do a dieta with it. Another common practice is that a student or curandero feels a connection to a particular plant and decides to do a dieta with it, or a student’s teacher suggests that the student do a dieta.

One of the key terms of the dieta agreement is the length of the dieta, meaning for how long the dieta will be kept. Sometimes this is as short as eight days, although more common would be months and even years. The general agreement in a dieta is that the curandero or student will sacrifice the pleasures of physical stimulation by refraining from sex, alcohol, and sweet, spicy, salty, or rich foods. In most cases pork is given up not only during the dieta but forever. In return for this sacrifice, the plant spirits agree to teach, guide, protect, strengthen, or endow special abilities to the person doing the dieta. Usually, the dieta is done in near isolation in order to avoid any temptations that might come from interactions with people who are not doing or do not understand the dieta. In some indigenous groups, like the Shipibo, people doing dietas have their faces, hands, and feet painted with a dye made from a fruit called huito so that anyone with whom they may come in contact knows to treat them appropriately, and to announce the dieta to the plant spirits.

An interesting feature of the dieta is that the terms are negotiable, meaning that while a plant spirit may initially want a dieta to be of a certain length, like one year, for example, the curandero can counter with an offer of a shorter duration, until the actual terms are agreed upon. The other terms of the dieta, like how strict the dieta will be, can also be negotiated, although it is most likely done much less, as they are well established within the tradition. A common example of the specifics of a dieta would be to refrain from all sexual stimulation and alcohol, and to eat just fish and green plantains for the entirety of the dieta. Usually, only a few types of small toothless fish are eaten, perhaps due to their low fat content.

I'm including a link here to share with you with a Dieta can be like. You can see the level of commitment and responsibility to the medicine being taken. Dietas are sacred, reverent and a lot of work. -


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