Safety, Protocols and Procedure

I highly recommend reading this transcript interview with Dr. Manda Scott on the importance of safety when embarking on a shamanic journey. The entire interview is worth experiencing at this point, but here's a snippet on what Shamanism is and the importance of safety.

"One of the things that has become clear to me over the years is shamanic practice for me is first form of spirituality. It's the form that humanity came to, for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years before we took ourselves out of context, from the beginning of the Agricultural Era which is probably about 10,000 years ago. For 90%, if not 99% of human evolution, we understood how to connect with the gods of the land. We understood how to connect with the spirits of the land. We understood how to access the other realities. Our lives were lived on the basis of the learning that we gained from that, but nobody has ever suggested to me that it was a safe process particularly."-Manda Scott

Safety Protocols

*For safety reasons, please avoid alcohol, cannabis and psychedelics for the duration of this seven-week process.

Street drugs, alcohol and even plant medicine (when used without facilitation) can blow holes in your auric field, making you more susceptible to lower energies. I want you strong, intact and whole for this journey.

Hold yourself accountable when it comes to drugs like caffeine and sugar, as well. Make a commitment to pay attention to any substance or activity that lowers your vibration. This is the time to eliminate anything that decreases your energy.

Hold the highest vibration possible while engaging in your shamanic practice. One of our first shamanic practices is called Spirit Retrieval. In this journey, we gather up the pieces of ourselves we have left out in the universe and we reclaim them. We cannot gather up our missing pieces and become whole if substances keep fragmenting our energy. Shamanism is about uniting body, mind, spirit and emotions.

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