Communicating with Plants/Working with Plants in Ceremony

"Plant Spirit Medicine is the shamans’ way with plants. It recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul." -Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants by, Eliot Cowan

How to make your own herbal healing oils:

Essential oils are not all alike. I am sharing my favorite company with you, but I strongly encourage you to use intuition and discernment in all dealings with essential oil companies. If you spend just a moment with a bottle of essential oil, you will be able to tell if the product was harvested ethically and if the oil has life force energy. I love these essences, but they are not the only ones I use.

Meet Honeysuckle...

Honeysuckle showed up in my dreams one night as I was sleeping beside my new partner, who was still grieving the loss of his former girlfriend who had crossed over. Plants don't show up in my dream state too often, but this one was powerful and the message was clear.

"He needs me", said the Spirit of Honeysuckle. I had no idea why the man I was with needed to connect with this plant but I knew it for sure. I woke him up and told him about the dream. Conveniently, his back yard was full of these beautiful blooms so we picked them that day for him. I didn't know what to do with the blooms, but I knew it was ok to drink their nectar and eat the flower, so we both did.

My partner was a practitioner at a wellness center and he mentioned there was book in the healing library on flower essences and he would look up the meaning of honeysuckle when he went back to work. I quickly forgot about the dream and the message until he called me from work later that week.

"You knew about this flower essence and what it's for-you had to know!" he said. The truth was, I knew nothing about the healing medicine of that flower until that day. According to Bach Flower Remedies, Honeysuckle is for letting go of the past and stepping peacefully and joyfully into the present moment. In that particular relationship, my partner was not able to let go of the past. Honeysuckle came in through my dream state to help out. Remember Honeysuckle when you are dealing with your own grief or assisting someone else with their loss. Grief affects us all and Honeysuckle is a sweet friend and ally at those times.

Plant spirits may contact you in your dreams if they can't get through during meditation. How the plants work with you will depend on what kind of medicine person you are.

Are you a Western Shaman? You will receive dream visions and messages of the plants on the astral realm.

Are you a Northern Shaman? You will research and take classes on this amazing plants and they will teach you how to use them.

Are you an Eastern Shaman? You will connect with the energy of the plants and call them to you on a spiritual level, even if you never work with their physical form.

Are you a Southern Shaman? You will grow the plants and make remedies, tinctures and essences to help yourself and others.

I hope you are all of these representations of the medicine wheel at certain times in your life but one of these roles will probably suit you the most. Be the medicine that speaks to your soul.

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