Moon Phases and Ceremony

"During a full moon, stand outside under the shining rays. Hold a crystal quartz in your dominant hand for giving energy (projector hand). Use your receptive hand to draw the energy of the moon to you. Draw the moon energy into your hand, down your arm, through your body and into your projector hand to charge your crystal."-Cocorinna

Want to incorporate more awareness and ritual into your life? A great place to start is to chart moon phases. Plan your work flow, ceremony and self-care accordingly.

Are you charged up and energized on the full moon? Are you ready to manifest and focus on goals on the new moon?

The only way you will know how the moon cycles affect you personally is to pay attention, track and journal your energy levels, mood patterns and physical sensations at key times in the moon cycle.

By tracking moon phasing with awareness, you will understand how you work best, when to see clients and be productive, and when you need to be alone and rest. Make a reminder about moon phases in your planner. I keep a separate planner just for my new moon goal setting and full moon manifestations and emotional processing.

Here are two moon-centered journals that I really like that also track major planetary shifts throughout the year:

There is no doubt that the moon affects our emotional bodies and the activity of all life on earth. Here's a very interesting perspective on the moon and I will expand on this in the lecture offered below. I am recommending this book to you not as absolute truth, but as a different viewpoint on moon energy and there are many other sources that echo George Kavasilis's theories on the origins of the moon. Just some food for thought!

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