DNA Activation: Reweaving the Stories

How do we rewrite our stories? How are the stories we tell ourselves affecting us? We can reweave our genetic code.

We can activate our DNA. We have the power to renegotiate our inheritance. This is powerful shamanic work and neuroscience backs up what shamans have known throughout the ages. The stories we tell ourselves enhance our lives or hold us back and the choice is ours what stories we hold as true. Skeptical about changing your story? Need a little help to get started? Here's some resources for changing our waking dreams:

Free Book: Your Word is Your Wand by Florence Shovel Shinn: https://www.globalgreyebooks.com/your-word-is-your-wand-ebook.html

Below is an excerpt from my article about the mindset techniques I have learned from Raymon Grace. This is a modern approach to the ancient shamanic of changing the past. Read the full article here: https://evangelinehemrick.com/5-simple-ways-to-upgrade-your-thoughts/

Recreate the past to give your body a new memory and replace trauma.

If you can do this exercise out loud with a partner, you can make a new memory that is more powerful for your body. Visualize a moment in your past that you would like to change. Mentally project yourself back in time to the moment before the incident happened. Imagine taking action to do what you wish you could have done. The scenario you create does not have to be realistic, it can be fantasy. You may have a sword or magical powers, whatever you like. Just make the visualization as vivid and detailed as possible to create the outcome you desire in that situation. When you engage in creating this new memory with someone you trust and enjoy, the two of you have created a scene that your body believes to be true. By doing this, you have traveled time and changed the past. The more you revisit this story with your friend, the more real the memory becomes to every cell in your body. This technique is an example of how creative visualization creates a healing outcome.

As modern day medicine keepers, we ARE the alchemists of our blood line. We ARE the weavers of our DNA.

We write our own stories and we reframe our experiences. This is the way we create our world.

"When we heal an ancestral pattern, we are healing backwards through time, liberating all those souls who were left unresolved, unforgiven and misunderstood."-Toko-pa Turner, www.belongingbook.com

If you have ever felt like you don't belong or you don't fit in, please read this book. If you have ever dealt with the fear and shame of exile, this book will soothe your soul. Toko-pa Turner is an extraordinary medicine woman who embodies the healing of the West: the dream state and intuition.

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