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Human Design Resources

The podcasts below are very helpful when it comes to understanding your own bodygraph. These are small, digestible amounts of information that you can take in as needed.

*An overview of each specific design type: Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. I suggest you listen to the description of your own design first and you can find it below.

You will learn what it means to have a defined or open center (or charka) and how your profile numbers affect your learning style.

How to read your chart:

Defined Centers

Undefined Centers




Manifesting Generators



Human Design and the Medicine Wheel

The Human Design system is based on the I Ching. There is a direct correlation between the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and the I Ching. These precious teachings are not separate. Kenneth Meadows explains this further in his book, Earth Medicine-Revealing Hidden Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel.

"The origin of the I Ching, which means "Book of Changes", like the Medicine Wheel, is lost in pre-history, but we know it pre-dates the Confucianism and Taoism of the East and has influenced them both.
In the West, the I Ching has become known as a means of predicting the future, like Sun astrology, but this is a degeneration of one of its principle purposes, which is as an oracle, and that is not quite the same thing. An oracle is a means of measuring the quality of the moment and obtaining advice on its significance.
The I Ching, the Medicine Wheel and Runes are designed according to a universal Law of Octaves, or cycles of eight. Like the DNA code, music theory and computer binary notation, so the eight primary trigrams of the I Ching can be related to the directions of the Medicine Wheel."-Kenneth Meadows

I share this with you to emphasize that the Medicine Wheel and Human Design are all about cycles and rhythms, the sacred math of the universe. That is all and that is everything.

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