A Shamanic Approach to the Mineral Kingdom

Welcome to Module 5-Our Crystal and Gemstone Family

"In the future, as a crystal-based sacred science unfolds, there will be technological devices that can determine an optimal match-up between crystals and individuals. But for now, the process is fundamentally an intuitive one that can be a most exciting journey of exploring the subtle aspects and nuances of the crystal kingdom."-The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension by Randall Baer & Vicki Baer

This week, we will cover:

*Shamanic uses of crystals and gemstones

*Familiarizing yourself with your birth totem allies

*Getting started with crystals/clearing your stones

*Basic stones for the Shaman's tool box

*Crystal grids for your body and altar

*Stone layouts and suggestions for personal healing

*Crystal Healing Journey (Meditation)

*How to make gemstone elixirs

This module is merely a taste of how you can work with gemstones and minerals from a shamanic perspective. I will be offering more in-depth gemstone training courses for hands-on practitioners.

Shamanic Uses of Gemstones

*Meditate and connect with a specific crystal or stone to receive messages, support and guidance

*Harmonize the energy of a space, use stones for house blessings, create crystal grids for your property, home or room

*Harmonize with a specific person or environment by using gemstones

*Construct a stone medicine wheel for ceremony and meditation

*Carry stones in medicine bags & bundles for personal and group healing

If you are looking for an excellent resource to look up the healing properties of gems and minerals, there are countless references on healing with crystals. I recommend these two books but there are many more you will find helpful.

Love Is In The Earth by, Melody


The Book of Stones by, Robert Simmons


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