Adorn Yourself with Stones that Heal

I am my own sacred space.

Adorning ourselves for ritual is a way of ADORING ourselves-an act of self-love and self-care. Being intentional with crystals and healing stones as jewelry takes our preparations for ritual and ceremony up a notch. This is just another way to incorporate the shamanic lifestyle into everyday modern life.

I am including a few of my favorite basic chakra layouts for you to experiment with this but I cannot emphasize enough: there are no rules with gemstones.

Place the crystals where they want to go. Let go of your intellectual knowledge of what chakra or area of the body they "should" be placed. But have fun with this diagram when you are relaxing on your shaman blanket and see how these different layouts feel to you. I have included alternate stone placements below the diagram for your comparison.

Alternate Stone Layout for Self-Healing

Root Chakra Area: Place Obsidian/Black Tourmaline/Onyx/Garnet between the legs, knees or at the bottoms of the feet

Sacral/Navel Chakra Area: Place Rose Quartz/Carnelian/Jade/Ironstone & Jasper at the navel or low back area

Solar Plexus Chakra Area: Plade Topaz/Pyrite/Tiger Eye on diaphragm/upper belly

Heart Chakra Area: Place Labradorite/Emerald/Rose Quartz/Flourite on chest or shoulder blade area

Throat Chakra/Neck Area: Place Blue Lace Agate/Blue Tiger Eye on neck or throat area

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna Center: Place Sodalite on the forehead

Crown Chakra: Place programmed clear quartz or Azurite at the top of the head, terminated point toward the crown

*Selenite or Petrified Wood at the soles of the feet

*Intuitively place crystals in the hands, at hips and shoulders and on specific organs, based on physical issues

Shamans and Shells.pdf

Healing Jewels

Upper Body:

Pearl and Iolite earrings-assist channeling, strengthen connection to spirit guides. Pearl has natural properties to ensure clear, pure information through channeling.

Blue Kyanite necklace to heal throat and neck issues

Blue Calcite necklace to strengthen the will of God/Divine Will & Self-Expression manifestation in your life

Turquoise necklace to enhance creativity

Apatite to heal 5th chakra and regulate expression of needs

Labradorite, Jade, Apatite, & Malachite pendants near the heart for a long day of serving clients

Rose Quartz Mala beads for healing, enhancing love and balancing chakra energy


Belly chains and belts of Carnelian, Ocean Jasper, Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz (or carry stones in pockets)

Lower Body:

Anklets made of Hematite, Brown Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Black Tourmaline for grounding and safety in your body

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