Who can be an ordained minister?

Evangeline Hemrick Ministries is a non-profit interfaith church dedicated to the education of healing practitioners of all kinds. EHM has inclusive programs designed to equip holistic practitioners to step fully into spiritual service and purpose work.

You do not have to be an ordained minister to preside over a funeral ceremony as a Celebrant. You will receive celebrant training in my minister training program, but I feel confident that any Death Doula who has had a strong foundational training could provide rituals for a celebration of life, no problem.

Upon completion of my shamanic minister ordination course, you will be fully recognized as an Ordained Minister of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries, which is registered as a church in the state of North Carolina. You may choose to only take the Death Doula portion of the program or you may continue on the Shamanic Priestess or Priest path.

If someone chooses to do an online ordination, they need to check the laws of the state they want to officiate ceremony in to make sure they are allowed to perform weddings with their ordination certificate. I have researched and taken the steps to become a fully recognized church, offering meditation services and in-depth spiritual training programs. I have no interest in ordaining ministers in a "fast food" style online because I desire depth and substance offered in spiritual service work.

The level of dedication and intention in one's craft and purpose work makes all the difference. You can get a quick online ordination and breeze through training, or you can create your mission and purpose work to fulfill you for a lifetime.

I have attached the by-laws of Evangeline Hemrick Ministries which show my compliance with the State of NC for churches. Here are some articles that show online ordination is not always the best course of action for wedding officiants who want to offer this as a solid professional service.



By Laws for Ministry.pdf
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