Rituals and Ceremonies: How to pray the Shaman's Way

"When affirming blessings from Spirit why not reach up to the sky and guide blessings down onto your head with your hands like a Taoist doing qi gong?
When affirming being healed why not guide healing with your hands to the place on your body that needs it the most? When honoring Spirit for being everywhere and creating everything why not spread your arms and hands out wide indicating the whole universe?
There are so many ways that your body can speak naturally along with your prayers enhancing the world many times over. Gesturing in these ways adds immeasurable power to your prayers."-Praying with Power by, Jose Luis Stevens


Nine Keys to Effective Shamanic Prayer

  1. "Staying present: When stated in the present, as if the object of your focus were already true, your prayers have greater power.
  2. Praying from the heart: Prayers stated with emotional intensity provide the fuel that propels prayers and affirmations into reality. Sometimes the most powerful prayers are wordless
  3. Clear wording: When you pray with words, be clear. Prayers that are clear, unequivocal, concise, and focused produce the best results.
  4. Praying without doubt: When you choose to pray without giving any attention or energy to doubt, you are affirming your trust in Spirit, thereby sending affirmative energy to creating what your soul desires. A prayer or decree can leave no room for doubt.
  5. Praying with “I Am”: An effective prayer makes frequent use of the words “I Am” focusing on the source point in the heart.
  6. Praying with inspiration: Prayers that are inspirational, dramatic, and luminous are most powerful. Prayers that entrance us with rhyme, repetition, or rhythm have the deepest influence.
  7. Praying with intent and vision: When prayers are accompanied by firm intent and clear vision they magnetize the most powerful results.
  8. Listening: Prayers that end with quiet meditation, contemplation, or listening are highly effective. The listening part may result in a two-way conversation.
  9. Action: Prayers that are followed by some kind of action or application have the greatest possibility of bringing quick results"-https://shamanicpractice.org

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