A Shamanic Perspective on End-of-Life Support

"Indeed, experiencing the transcendence of your physical identification, with the certain knowledge that your essence, your spiritual core, your soul persists beyond the boundary of bodily death is, without doubt, the most precious gift that psychedelic experiences can provide. This was the gift vouchsafed in the mystery religions of ancient civilizations, where initiates went through an experience of death and rebirth, in which they were provided an experiential preparation for death & a vision of reality of the spiritual worlds beyond."-R Metzner


"Primarily, entheogens can be activators of heart-centered awareness. The shaman's advice is to use power plants, if necessary, to open the doors into the heart. Once these doors are open, you do not require the power plants anymore-an opening has occurred."-David Wolfe Amazing Grace-Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic


Microdosing Support for End-of-Life Care


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Heather's DMT Journey

In the intake questions at the beginning of this course, I ask each student if they have worked with entheogens (teacher plants). If the answer is yes, I ask them to explain how plant spirit medicine has informed their perspective on death. Heather's answer to this question came with this audio recording of her journey with DMT. You are welcome to take this journey with her, as she has generously shared her experience with all of you.

In the recording of the live training, we pulled a card from the Sacred Path Card Deck by Jamie Sams. The card Greg pulled for us in class was a message from Peyote about "New Abilities". This card was so appropriate for the group as they step into service in a new way and this message applies to you, too.

Heather read the message from Peyote to our class. Peyote joined us spiritually to help each students to gain confidence in their abilities. A plant does not have to be consumed to be worked with on a spiritual level. I want to make that point very clear to you. Connecting with a plant in a shamanic way does not mean you have to ingest or smoke a plant in any way; it's actually a much deeper connection than that. I will explain this more to you in the audio recap at the end of this section.

Ram Dass Musical Journey: Psychedelics and Death


My Audio Check-In Recording Re: Plant Medicine & Shamanism

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