Energy Healing Techniques to Support Transition

Energy Healing while Dying?

Oh yes, our path as healers is full of paradoxes. I remember when a successful physician came to me and said, "I want you to help me die well." People who have mastered the art of living well get this concept of conscious dying. You can't live well if you don't embrace the fact that this incarnation is temporary but our soul lives forever.

A Healing Touch Perspective

"Although the idea of healing through the experience of dying may sound paradoxical, our expanded holistic view of healing suggests that every moment of life has potential for healing. Where the physical body is unable to recover, other aspects of the biofield may become activated and unexpected moments of grace emerge."-Dorothea Hover-Kramer

Healing Touch-A Guidebook for Practitioners

The world of holistic healing is full of paradoxes. There are no black and white rules in healing therapies. I love the nursing perspective Healing Touch brings to the death process and I have experienced the "Chakra Spread" technique taught in Healing Touch firsthand. As my father left his body, I observed his chakras in a similar pattern and motion naturally occurring in his process of the body shutting down.

In my twenty-seven years of doing hands-on healing work, I have noticed that spontaneous energy healing occurrences will happen when the practitioner is simply observing what the energy field and body are doing because the right environment and support are available. The intelligence of our bodies and energy fields never ceases to amaze me.

I am giving you a handout to download with the Healing Touch Chakra Spread technique. Keep in mind, this is for your personal use only. I am not authorized to teach Healing Touch because it is a very structured format that requires a lot of certifications to be used in the medical world.

As you know, I traveled the world over in search of the best energy healers but I never felt the need to get "certified" in Healing Touch as a teacher. I am just so happy that professionals in the medical field can use this modality to learn techniques that are taught many ways. I have educated myself on the training protocols and find the similarities to Polarity Therapy, Reiki and Barbara Brennan's techniques that create a united and congruent thread that runs through Energy Healing modalities.

Enjoy the Chakra Spread technique! If you have studied with me in the Next Level Healer program, I would like for you to compare and contrast this modality with the protocols I have presented to you in Reiki training, Polarity therapy, Huna and Chelation.

Chakra Spread Exercise from Healing Touch.pdf

"How to" Healing Touch Chakra Spread Technique

Notice how this healer incorporates Barbara Brennan's Hara Line technique when preparing to do the Healing Touch Chakra Spread technique. She does a good job at demonstrating this treatment.

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