What does it take to be a Death Doula?

"Doula guidance may include:
  • Conversations om how the last days are to unfold when their loved one dies at home.
  • A compassionate, vigil presence.
  • Energy work, emotional spirit guidance
  • Respite for caregivers
  • Guided visualization or meditation for pain and anxiety control
  • Assist family members in creating legacy projects
  • Create rituals that honor and recognize the uniqueness of their loved one
  • Develop a plan for a community vigil
  • Assist the family/community to reprocess the dying experience after the death
  • Discuss legal options in post-death care and home funerals"-Full Circle Collective of Living and Dying


Death Doulas face our own fears FIRST

What are your personal fears associated with your own future death experience or the deaths of others? 

"The fear of suffering in the physical body. The fear of what legacy will I have left…..this life not being left in vain…"
"I am a deep feeler, and can get emotional from the deep feelings I get from someone. I would like to be able to better control those emotions, so I am not a crying mess every time I see someone sick."
"I suppose the biggest fear about my own death experience is that of experiencing pain in the process and also the sadness and grieving of those loved ones left behind. There is a bit of unknown about the actual process for me as an individual but I know in my heart that my soul is eternal so there is no fear with the aspect of leaving this body. I guess that I have a wish to fulfill my life lessons and what I came here for so that is one aspect I am focusing on so that I will not feel regret."

Death Doula Training Syllabus 2022.pdf
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