What is a Shamanic Minister?

In our first level of training in Expanding Sacred, we discusses the etymology of the word SHAMAN and how the Siberian origins of the word translate loosely into "The one who knows".

Connecting with the kingdoms of nature is our first step. This is an ongoing foundational practice that cannot be overlooked if one desires to become "the one who knows" themselves, in their own experience. Self-awareness is the first foundational tool of shamanism, especially if we desire to be a spiritual leader or guide for others.

Holding space and facilitating wake-up calls and life changing moments in others is the shamanic path. This is not an easy road to navigate. Holding sacred space for others is difficult work. For those of you who have been embarking on a spiritual practice for yourselves, now you will venture into an even deeper realm of learning through the direct experience of holding space for others in times of joy and times of pain.

What, exactly, do we mean when we refer to "holding space"? Leave a comment in the section below and share what that term means to you!

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