Death is a Sacred Portal

Our training begins HERE because death is just another beginning.

Course Description:

Death doulas and end-of-life planners play a unique role in today’s society as we embrace dying consciously through energetic awareness. 

Using cultural, shamanic, philosophical, and esoteric perspectives, students will explore conscious dying as a vehicle for holistic healing while critically examining their own narratives on death and dying. The curriculum provides a deep dive into the energetic awareness of how we die & what exactly happens in the death process along with techniques to best support people in transition as we care for our own energetic well-being and physical health. 

Objectives & Outcomes:

  1. To equip caregivers and holistic healing professionals with modern and ancient tools to assist clients with end-of-life preparation, crossover experience and funeral celebration planning. Each student will leave this course with a thorough understanding of how to intake a client (and their family members) to determine the best treatment plan for support and end-of-life care. 
  2. Provide an End-of-Life Emotional Directive and energy-based shamanic care leading up to and during crossover. 
  3. Utilize skills and techniques to assist the client’s family after crossover. 
  4. Obtain a solid skill set in self-care to avoid burnout and establish a healthy network of caregivers and support for referrals and ongoing replenishment. 

Welcome to our sacred death doula collective. You are now a part of a group of healers who are changing how our communities deal with death. We are bringing celebration, clarity and reverence to the transition process. You are a part of something beautiful and important.

"In most shamanic traditions, the initiations around birth and death are considered to be the most important. One of the focal points of these initiations is to create conditions so the spirit of the initiate can learn to move at will between the world of the seen and the world of the unseen. In order to do this, initiates must engage in practices that heal and integrate the body, mind, and spirit during life. When this task is accomplished, the spirit can shift more easily into the world of the unseen at the time of death. Shamans learn to do this – and they learn to help others do this as well. This is the essence of the shamanic path."-Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D

When I was organizing the training materials for the minister ordination course, I kept feeling the intuitive pull to put the Death Doula training at the beginning of the course. I later realized this made so much sense because even though officiating ceremonies like weddings and baby blessings are beautiful and very fun, end-of-life support is in high demand at this time in our world and it's one of the most meaningful and rewarding services you can offer.

It feels to me like the highest level of work to bring death awareness and the beauty of alternative rituals back to the death process at this time. If we focus on preparing you for the most important work of helping someone die well, the rest of navigating life will easily fall into place.

Later in the development of this course material, I decided to create the Death Doula training as a stand alone course. The reason for this is because I think this work is so important to get this information to the people who need it most, not only to help the ones who are ready to cross over but to also help the family members and loved ones of the one leaving to understand what is really happening.

In our culture, there is a huge disconnect from our fourth dimensional selves, our energy fields and meridians. People understand their physical material life but many do not have the connecting piece of understanding how their chakras and meridians work in the non-physical aspects even if they grasp the concept that they have a higher self or soul.

The video below is from my Youtube channel and it explains how my near-death experience informed my purpose work and helped me develop this training. You may have already seen this one if you subscribe to my Youtube channel. If you're not subscribed yet, here's the link:


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Shamanism, The Death Process and Psychopomping with Manda Scott

I love Manda Scott's work on Shamanism and I am sharing an audio interview below. Even though she is speaking about her journey to shamanism, her work with the death process and psychopomping (which we will get into later) is very powerful.

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