Music Makes Everything Better

I want you to enjoy this training and get the most out of it in a very non-linear way. In this module, I am mixing things up. One of the beautiful healers along the ride for this first live creation of the course content gave me great feedback about including more music as we go. I took his advice and I'm going to share more poetry, flowers and music with you all along the way.

Is everybody in?

Here's the song that came on "randomly" on a play list when it was time for everyone to take their seats before my Dad's funeral. My Dad was Rock and Roll all the way-no somber, depressing funeral home music would do for him. It was so fitting that Jim Morrison's voice came in loud and saying, "Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin." We all smiled at each other as we took our place. Was it random that the song just happened to be the one to come up on a playlist with over 100 songs he loved? How fitting for Dad that Jim Morrison was his spiritual funeral director from the other side. Enjoy the song!

What is your funeral playlist like? Have you thought about the songs or pieces of music that represent your life or symbolize your life experiences? Share in the comments below!

Is Everybody Here?

Here's another song that gives me chills when it comes on before sacred ceremony or healing work. This beautiful family of Cherokee musicians has added a rich texture of sacred feminine to many crossovers, funerals and healing sessions I have facilitated over the years.

Sometimes, however, the person or animal in transition will give you a request for music, if you ask.

My dog Shanti asked for Allison Krauss music instead of the Snatam Kaur music I had playing. I'll share more of that story in the section on Flowers in this module.

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