Guest Teacher Interviews

Interview with Danny Jefferson

Funeral Director, Cemeterian, Business Owner, Trainer, Standup Comedian, Danny is both an enigma and pathfinder among funeral directors.

American Funeral Director Magazine’s 2017 Funeral Director of the Year substantiates the impact he has had on funeral service, his associates and local community. What drives him is fire in his belly to grow and help others.

Having started his career in funeral service in the 1970’s as part of a legendary funeral home in North Carolina he has “done it all.”

Danny is now ready to give back to funeral service. Check out his consulting business for professionals who specialize in providing meaningful funeral celebrations.

Interview with Dale Stacy

Dale Stacy of Earthstar Spiritual Center became my Reiki teacher after I had worked with him in JT Garrett's shamanic apprenticeships in Cherokee, NC. He did a lot of assistant teaching and training for JT and so I knew I had found my Reiki teacher and mentor when I connected with him. Dale and I have been soul family for many lifetimes and I have a very special spiritual connection with his wife Jeanne, as well.

Bio for Dale & Jeanne Stacy:

Dale and Jeanne are Interfaith Ministers & the Abbots of Earthstar Spiritual Center in Greensboro, NC. They are teachers of mind/body/spirit awareness., Shamanism & Aloha Consciousness.

In 2008, I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister by Earthstar Spiritual Center and was taught and supported to begin my own ministry in 2021. I have learned so much from Dale's shamanic teachings and I hope you enjoy our shared enthusiasm for shamanic perspectives. You can purchase Dale's books on shamanism here:

Interview with Deborah Parker

Deborah Parker is the Family Liaison Member for All Souls Natural Burial Ground in Greensboro, NC.

Deborah teaches classes on how to have at-home funerals and how to prepare the body of a loved one after they have crossed over.

Deborah will be a guest speaker in one of our live upcoming Death Doula classes!

Feedback from Students on Guest Speakers:

This is a comment Gayle made in class about Dale's teachings to come from love. This was my greatest takeaway from his interview: If you get nervous or begin to doubt your abilities, remind yourself why you are doing this work. If that little doubting inner voice pops up and asks, "Do you have what it takes to do this?" You can answer back confidently: "Yes! Because I am doing it out of LOVE."

Interview with Ashley Kernstein

Interview with Gregg Korbon, Author of Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Life of a Gifted Child

I met Gregg Korbon at a Raymon Grace workshop I was hosting and our meeting was no accident. When I heard the story about his son Brian, I knew Gregg would be a perfect guest teacher for this Death Doula program. I've been witnessing miracles as an energy healer and shamanic practitioner for thirty years & Gregg's story about Brian is one of my favorites. Death teaches us how to live well and Brian continues to inspire so many.

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