Are you ready to take your healing abilities and intuitive skills to the next level?

*Do you want to become a Certified Energy Healer?

*Could you use new skills in your professional tool box so you can offer remote sessions?

This first six week online mentoring program will assist you in strengthening your intuition as you learn energy healing techniques that I have tested and proven for 26 years. Classes are in-depth and interactive. This 6-week mentoring program is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their own skills as a healer.

Intuitive Development & Energy Healing covers:

*What is Energy Healing and how can you offer it to your clients?

*Why I don't offer specific modalities anymore, even though I have trained to Master/Teacher levels.

*Preparations and Protocols for Self-Healing Techniques

*Body Intelligence: Grounding & Clearing Techniques, Dowsing Methods

*Medical Intuitive Healing & Safely Working with Guides

*Enhancing High Sense Perception through Energy Awareness

*Finding Your HSP Super Power: Feeling, Sensing, Smelling, Touching or Seeing Energy

*Chakra Function and Anatomy (4th Dimension Healing)

*Energy Field Levels 1-5 (Field Repair, Astral Implants, Overlays & Enhancements)

*5th Dimensional Healing: Soul Intention, DNA Codes and Ancestral Work

*Merkaba Activation & Light Body Transmissions (6th Dimension Healing Spaces)

*Introduction to Energy Healing Modalities: Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Huna Levels 1 ,Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch

Not everyone who completes the first six-week program will need or want to continue on through the additional six weeks of Coaching Certification and Energy Healing Training. *This additional certification course was specifically created for practitioners who wish to increase their skill set, knowledge base and credentials.

The initial six-week mentoring program is required to continue with the Coaching/Energy Healing Certification Program. In Coaching Certification, Training and Career Guidance includes:

*Finding clarity in your own professional offering of healing services: How to be of service to the world as YOU

*Holding professional sacred space- preparations and spiritual hygiene for the online space

*How to offer remote energy healing sessions/intuitive readings with protocols, step by step tutorials and practice sessions

*Why I don't offer medical intuitive services or readings and how to present your unique skills

*How to effectively offer coaching sessions with templates, drafts and resources for your clients

*Effectively transition your in-person clients to online or phone sessions

*Call in your ideal clients through energy work and meditation, magnetize high vibe clients to your practice

*Gain clarity on the logistics of how to have a successful online business or ministry. Learn how to structure your new offerings, attract new clients, building your remote healing practice and serve your clients from anywhere in the world

*Brand your healing business while staying true to yourself. Transmute the "healer wound": overcome feeling heavy and burdened when it comes to getting your work out to the world by creating and sharing content. Throughout the course, you will receive energy transmissions to help move through obstacles and blockages with money, clients, boundaries and creative expression and time management.

Healers, THIS is our time to shine.

This coaching/training/mentoring program is like no other in the world. Join me as I weave together my twenty-six year passion and global study of energy anatomy, intuitive healing and wellness coaching. This course give you tools to take your life AND your healing business to the next level. Are you ready to be a Next Level Healer?

If you have been professionally and personally impacted by the pandemic, I have training and resources to help you thrive.

*The main objective of this intensive training and certification program is to give each practitioner tools and skill sets that can be used anywhere, anytime. My goal is to empower healing professionals to continue to serve clients and thrive regardless of government mandates or potential health threats. Our world needs healers now more than ever. With intuitive coaching skills and energy healing modalities, you can take your healing business and your own personal life to the next level, having tools and skills to pivot and thrive under any circumstances.

Upon completion of the full 12-week certification program, you will be certified as an Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer with introductory certifications in Reiki (Japanese Energy Healing) Levels 1 and 2 and Huna (Hawaiian Energy Healing) Levels 1 and 2.

When you fill out the short form below and submit, I will email you to schedule a strategy session, where we discuss if this program is right for you at this time. After submitting your form, please check the frequently asked questions section below.

Is this program right for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have experience as an energy healer or intuitive to take this course?

No, not for the first six week mentoring program. This training is created specifically for people who want to take their intuitive abilities and use them in a more effective way. The first course is helpful for anyone and the second six-week segment is for practitioners only. You do not have to be a massage therapist or energy healer to benefit from these healing tools and skills.

The second six-week training and certification program is designed to equip the practitioner with all the resources needed to be an Intuitive Coach and/or Remote Energy Healer and serve clients from anywhere. The reason we begin with the personal healing work is because we have to be our own healers FIRST before we can assist others on their healing journey.

When does the course begin and what are the dates of training?

The course will begin on Monday, March 22. Registration will close on the Spring Equinox, Sunday, March 21 at 12:00pm Eastern.

Class dates are as follows for the Intuitive Development Mentoring & Coaching Program:

A new training module will be released every Monday for six weeks:







*Live Zoom Q and A sessions will most likely be on those Mondays with time of day to be determined by input from the group.

There will be a pause in the course work for integration, processing and feedback before we begin the second six week training period. Dates will be announced later.

Can I just take the first six week Intuitive Development Program or do I have to sign up for all 12 weeks of Coaching Training?

  • Yes! You can JUST do the first six weeks because some people are only interested in the intuitive development part of the training. If you are not looking to learn coaching and remote healing skills, the first six weeks of mentoring is perfect for you. Tuition for the fist six weeks is $1500 and can be made in payments over time.

What course materials are offered?

*Video Lecture Trainings

*Supportive PDF downloadable worksheets

*Meditation audio recordings

*Recorded Zoom class replay links

What is the cost of the first six weeks of training?

Intuitive Development Mentoring Online Coaching Program: $1500 for six weeks of in-depth training and coaching, payment plans available

What is the cost of the entire 12-week Coaching Certification program? $3000

Here's the breakdown:

Intuitive Development Mentoring and Coaching six week program: $1500 with payment plans available

Next Level Healer Intuitive Coaching Certification and Energy Healing Training: $1500 for six additional weeks of training and coaching, payment plan available.

Do I have to finish the course in exactly 6 or 12 weeks?

Not at all! I know how busy practitioners are and I made this course for YOU. This program is designed for you to go at your own pace, since everyone learns differently! You will have access to the training materials from now on, once you purchase. What IS time sensitive that requires commitment and showing up for yourself is the weekly live coaching with me. This is one-on-one time with me is offered for the six or twelve weeks of the program and I strongly encourage you take advantage of the live sessions and bring your questions to get the most out of the program. I do my best to schedule weekly support meetings at a convenient time for the group, but since life happens, you will always receive a replay link of the live coaching support sessions.

Can I receive Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapy CE credits?

Not yet, but hopefully this course will be approved for CE credits very soon and we will backlog your hours so that you will receive credit.